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Hi there!

Welcome to Anneeco, your haven for handcrafted DIY natural cosmetics and wellness products! Courtney Martinez — a dope, God-fearing black woman, wife, and mom who's passionately handcrafting hair and skin care solutions for textured hair and dry skin. Juggling the roles of a wife and mother inspired me to perfect a DIY hair product, and now she's excited to share it with you! Explore Anneco store and fall in love with your hair and skin all over again. 🌸✨

How it started...

In 2010, a chemical burn left her bald, marking a challenging period both physically and emotionally. Despite setbacks, she turned to braids and weaves for self-expression while her natural hair healed. After seven years, she embraced their 3C natural curls through a bold big chop in 2019, sparking a passion to redefine beauty standards and hair care.

Frustrated with the lack of effective products for textured hair, she took matters into her own hands. Drawing from personal experience, she embarked on formulating hair care products tailored to her needs. After extensive research and experimentation, she created Anneeco, now known as Anne Efficient Cosmetics, offering products that celebrate natural beauty and resilience. Join Anneeco on this empowering journey to embrace the beauty of natural hair and newfound confidence.

With love,


Courtney Martinez

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Cosmetic Formulator

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